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Radio frequency treatment of varicose
German compression knitting
From €100
MS therapy for vascular changes
From €200 to €500
From €100
Botox Treatment Zone 1
The above cost excludes all your costs for:

  • Operation;
  • One-time consumables;
  • Medicines;
  • Stay at the clinic;
  • Check-up;
  • Bandage;
  • Follow-up ultrasound after surgery.
    To solve any problems with your veins personally chosen ways with maximal cosmetic result. Primary symptoms of vein inflammation typically occur after menopause, at a young age in athletes, work that involves prolonged standing on the feet. Vein diseases are an incessantly developing condition, to expect that "will pass itself ' is completely unreasonable. Standard treatment approaches in the form of medicaments, pulmonary knitting, tinctures and leeches, etc., are used only for short-term and ineffective control of vein diseases.
      Indications for the treatment of vein diseases

      • Varicose transformation of subcutaneous veins;
      • Vascular stars
      • Not aesthetic epithelial veins;
      • The desire to have nice legs, short skirts, high heels.

      Varicose treatment

      High-frequency ablation (RF) is used to treat varicose. Operation is performed without aseptic. A single (!) radio-frequency catheter is introduced via a high-precision puncture 2-3 mm, which perfectly securely and primarily securely processes the varicose modified vein from the inside. The vein is then glued together and dissipated. The main advantages of the performed radio frequency ablation operation are:

      • Patients are spontaneously coming up from the operating table with an absolute feeling that everything's okay.
      • No cuts, no scars.
      • The maximum safety of RFA among other intravascular varicose treatments.

      Treatment of "vascular stars"

      Sclerotherapy is used to treat vascular stars and unattractive subcutaneous veins.

      Sclerotherapy is the use of a special preparation (sclerosine) in a modified vein with the aid of the most subtle needles. As a result, the gluten is glued and dissipated.

      Sclerotherapy is performed in a manipulation room in which no hospitalization is required. The selection of the treatment method takes place during the consultation and only after the completion of the ultrasound.